Things To Consider When Adding a Second Level To Your Home

Once you’ve decided that a second story addition is the right choice for you, you now have some things to consider before you start building. Better Homes and Gardens has a great article on this topic. For your reference, we’ve take the time to explain some of these issues and hopefully provide some valuable insight that will help you in your process.

Ensure Sufficient Structural Support

Before building your new second story, make sure your home’s current foundation can support the weight of a second level. You may also consider having a structural engineer determine whether or not the rafters in your home are strong enough to also serve as a second story’s floor joists. Many times they are not, so you’ll want to make sure these issues are planned for appropriately.

Be Mindful About Height Regulations

Before you begin designing your new second story, check with your local building codes for any height restrictions in your neighborhood. You may also want to check with the applicable city officials before drawing up your plans.

Get Creative with Your Roof

You’ve undoubtedly seen those boring rectangular box shaped two story home with a plain and simple two-sided roof. Instead of this being you, take the time to speak with your Reliant Construction representative to plan out interesting overhangs, trimming, porches and roof pitches.

Windows and Other Fenestration Issues

Fenestration is a fancy word for openings in a wall structure. It includes things like windows, doors, skylights vents, wall panels and louvres. Windows are the primary fenestration element you’ll need to deal with in a new second story home addition, so be sure to consider the placement of second story windows in relation to those on the first story. It’s generally considered a good idea to keep them lined up. Of course, if your home has other elements of fenestration plan with those in mind also.

Keep Proportions Comfortable

On a one story home, certain elements such as windows, shutters, columns, trim and eaves are often minimal because they naturally stand out more against the smaller structure that is a one story home. However, with a second a story added, the home is now much larger, and those one elements we just mentioned that stood out fine on your one story home can easily become uncomfortably swallowed up by the larger two story structure. So you may find it advantageous to do things to those part of your home to make them stand out more. Good ideas are painting them with accent colors or using contrasting finishes.

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