Built-in Remodeling

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An excellent way to put your square footage to great use is a built-in.  If you feel like your home is running out of space, built-ins can help utilize dead zones within the home.  This can look like framing a desk within a seldomly used closet or a bookcase tucked into a nook beside a fireplace.  Built-ins help maximize every available space in your floor plan without adding on to your home.  They can even be designed to tie in with architectural and aesthetic elements in the room, such as crown molding and paint.

Built-in Options

  • Shelving
  • Cabinets
  • Desks
  • Mini-fridge nooks
  • Bookshelves
  • Bar Cabinets
  • Alcoves
  • Wardrobes
  • Benches

Get the most out of your home with built-ins.  Built-ins not only help you take advantage of your home’s dead zones and extra space, they also help increase the value of your home.  If you’re ready to remodel your home, give us a call today.


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Reliant Construction is a Design-Builder

Reliant Construction is proud to call ourselves a design-builder.  If you have an idea for a project, we will work with you to make it a reality from the ground up.  We are able to assist with the design of your project, then build it to your exact specifications.

We do things the "Reliant" Way - ensuring quality work every step of the way, and taking care to include all the small details that help make your design uniquely you.