Outdoor Kitchens Houston

When it comes to outdoor kitchens Houston’s best contractor is Reliant Construction.  We build outdoor kitchens and patio kitchens, and outdoor entertainment spaces for clients throughout the greater Houston area.  Call 281-789-4308 or contact us online to get a free estimate.

Outdoor Kitchen Options

While the kitchen is often the center of entertainment inside the home, your outdoor kitchen will surely be the center of entertainment outside of the home.  The sky is the limit with outdoor kitchens.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

  • A simple space with a small counter and grill
  • A full kitchen in an outdoor area
  • Any variation of counters and appliances you like
  • Open in the sunshine
  • Covered by a patio cover, gazebo, or pergola
  • With a fireplace, or TV for entertainment
  • Tile flooring and granite or marble countertops
  • Complete dining area


Reliant Construction is dedicated to providing you with your dream outdoor kitchen space.  If you do not already have a patio area in your yard, we can construct one for you, custom fit to your design.

Custom Covered Outdoor Kitchen Patio 3
Custom covered outdoor kitchen patio built by Reliant Construction.

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