Universal Design

Universal design is the practice of remodeling a home in order to accommodate aging or disable residents.  However, anyone can use a home that has been universally designed, whether ill or healthy, short or tall, young or old.  Some people may just like the larger areas and less obstructive construction.  Universal design is simply a design that makes life easier.  Wide hallways, extra floor space in rooms, and other small but meaningful changes are used in Universal Design to improve the quality of life of residents.

Universal BathroomWhat makes a home Universal?

  • Stepless Entry; No stairs or steps to entrance of the house or rooms to allow wheelchairs access and prevent other from tripping
  • One-story living;  Even if the house is two-story, there are adequate bathrooms and a kitchen on all floors
  • Wide doorways to accommodate wheelchairs and move large furniture more easily
  • Increased floor space through room construction and interior design to feel less crowded and allow wheelchairs room to maneuver
  • Showers and bathtubs with non-slip surfaces to increase safety
  • Better indoor lighting to help everyone see better
  • Lever door handles and rocker light switches are great for those with poor hand strength or anyone with many packages in their arms
  • Raised based cabinets for ease of access in bathroom and kitchen
  • Table-style islands allow access to counters for residents in wheelchairs or those who may need to sit frequently
  • Remote control air conditioning, fans, lights, and other appliances
  • Replacing carpets with non-slip hard flooring allows wheelchairs and walkers more motion while still being safe for everyone to walk on
  • Grab bars and rails on bath tubs and near beds

There are hundreds of options to convert your home to universal design.  Anything that can be used to make life easier for the residents is considered universal design, not just the things listed here.


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