Fireplace Installation & Renovation

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Fireplace Options

When it comes to a fireplace, it typically is the center point of a room.  So ideally, you want it to adorn your home and charm your guests.  With over twenty years of experience, we have the means and the know-how to bring your fireplace roaring back to life.  Reliant Construction offers expertise in fireplace repairs, customization, and installations.  Take a look at our before and after gallery to see some of our past renovation projects.

Types of Fireplace
Renovations & Additions

  • Fireplace Repair
  • Fireplace Renovations
  • Fireplace Installation
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Fireplace Accessories


Fireplace renovatin & installation services - Reliant Construction.

No matter if your  fireplace needs complete restoration, masonry touch up, or relining.  You can rely on us for your fireplace renovations!



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Reliant Construction is a Design-Builder

Reliant Construction is proud to call ourselves a design-builder.  If you have an idea for a project, we will work with you to make it a reality from the ground up.  We are able to assist with the design of your project, then build it to your exact specifications.

We do things the “Reliant” Way – ensuring quality work every step of the way, and taking care to include all the small details that help make your design uniquely you.