Simple and inexpensive ways to increase your home’s value

In a previous article we discussed four major remodeling jobs that can add significant value to your home. While each those items are true value-adders, they are all rather costly, and they are not something you’re going to do very often.

Thankfully, there are several smaller remodeling and upgrade jobs you can perform on your home that will also raise it’s value, but cost you much less. Of course, a new paint job won’t increase your home’s value as much as an entire second floor addition, but for what it costs,  you the ROI is still there. So speaking of a new paint job, let’s start there.

New paint

In fact, you may not even need to completely repaint your home. Instead, you can even just look for all the obvious blemishes and touch them up. Of course, a fresh paint job will always look nicer, so if you budget permits, consider it. Also, take some time to find a nice color scheme. There are several resources that can help you in this area if you’re not a natural at matching colors. A simple Google search will help a lot.

Refinished/refaced surfaces

Take a look around your home. Do you see chipped counters or tile, burn marks or others scars on tile or counters, or other blemishes like that? Fixing those items quickly and drastically improve the look and feel of your home.

Nicer knobs, pulls and hinges

You can often very easily and inexpensively upgrade the look of your kitchen by replacing the knobs, hinges and pulls. A quick visit to The Home Depot or Lowe’s will present you a variety of choices to fit any budget.

Fancier front door

A nice front door can make a lot of difference in how your home looks, and it can add some value also. Your options include completely replacing your current front door with a nicer one, or simply repainting and/or refinishing your current door.

Kitchen improvements

One of the items in the previous article mentioned above was kitchen remodels. This again, can be rather costly, but there are other options to upgrade your kitchen that are easier on your budget. These include refinishing your cabinets, adding new appliances, adding a rack to hang pots, and even a new paint color scheme.

Upgrade your faucets and light fixtures

Both bathrooms and kitchens can benefit from upgrading to more stylish faucets and fixtures. Prices on these items range greatly, but you can get some really nice ones very affordably, and they’ll go a long way in improving the overall experience of your home’s interior.

Bathrooms extras

This can be either new (extra) bathrooms, or upgrading your existing bathrooms. If your home has either 1 or 1 ½ bathrooms, adding an extra one can really pay off whenever you sell. When it comes to just making your current bathroom(s) nicer, consider ways to use natural light and how to add a nice amount of storage space. If your budget allows, consider aesthetic upgrades like ceramic tile or mosaic designs.

Outdoor living additions

A nice deck, patio or porch can be great at adding some value to your home. To stay within your budget, you don’t to build a massive addon structure. If you don’t host a lot of parties, and it’s just going to be you and your family, consider smaller, more quaint outdoor additions.

Small landscaping

Major landscaping jobs can be quite costly, but something small like adding some flowerbeds, paths, plants and borders around trees and bushes really increase the curb appeal of your home.

The above are all great ways to spruce up your home and increase its value without spending a lot of money. You can purchase many of the necessary items and do these jobs on your own, but if you need professional help with anything along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at (281) 786-5199.