Reasons to Build a Sunroom

In the south and especially in Texas, the weather fluctuates year round like our moods.  Sometimes to the point that it can be a hassle to spend time outside.  Nevertheless, sometimes you want to take in some sun without the intense heat or enjoy the tranquil rain without getting soaked.  This is where the liberating versatility of sunrooms can benefit you.

Sunrooms also known as Solariums, have the potential to add more to your home than an office, media room, or traditional additions would.  With the visibility and surplus exposure to natural light, sunrooms can double or triple the space’s usage. In addition to increasing your home’s value, there are a plethora of great reasons to add a sunroom to your house


If you are looking to add a little nature to your home, a sunroom can be just that added touch you need.  Sunrooms can be used as an indoor gardening space to grow your favorite vegetables or build a flowerbed. Additionally, the space can be used to provide a habitat for birds or even indoor fishponds.

Entertaining Guests

Sunrooms can make great spaces to host guests and family.  You can design the room in a way that will give your guests a perfect amount of contained space to hangout.  These spaces are ideal for formal dining areas, breakfast nooks, or game rooms.


Your sunroom can be your very own in-home spa oasis.  Designed in mind for an enclosed hot tub with a natural view away from weather deterrence; with other calming spa amenities that include tanning chairs, daybed, and speakers for soothing music.  The sky’s the limit when it comes to the versatility of a sunroom.

Use it as a Guest Room

A sunroom makes a great guest room, whether it be for temporary guests or a more long term non-renting resident, such as a family member. Generally, the living quarters of a sunroom can have its own entrance, separate from that of the house.  Your guests will surely be impressed by how swanky their temporary living space will be.

Additional Space

In general, a beautiful new sunroom can be used to increase the floorspace of your home.  However, sunrooms can extend the space of an already existing living room or bedroom. Thus, supplying the aforementioned rooms with more natural light which can reduce energy costs in the long run.  You can also potentially double the use of a sunroom by using it as its original intention alongside a home office, media room, or children’s play area.

Multi-Activity Room

Tired of paying for a gym membership and want an in-home dedicated space?  Sunrooms make perfect workout rooms.  Not only will you get a brand new space to exercise, but you’ll also have a great view with natural light.

Maybe you’re more of a creative and need additional room to paint, sculpt or screenprint.  Or maybe you’re seeking additional space to practice acroyoga.  Whatever your preferred activity is, a sunroom can undoubtedly allow you to enjoy its unique added benefits while providing more space to your home.

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