Custom Patio Covers for Houston Homes

We build beautiful covered patio areas that merge seamlessly against your home.

Let our detail-oriented construction team dedicate to creating your vision of the perfect patio.

The Perfect Patio Cover

A covered patio is the perfect addition to a home when you want to relax outdoors, no matter what the weather.  Patio covers can be anything from a simple but elegant roof extension, to a fully enclosed space with screen to keep out pests.  Whatever you have dreamed, we will make it come to life.

Patio Cover Ideas & Options

  • Quiet, shaded area to relax
  • Outdoor entertainment area with television
  • Covered outdoor kitchen
  • Enclosed patio with insect screens
  • Timber truss cover with “woodland” or “rustic” designs
  • Screened-in patio
  • Retractable roof options
  • Integrated water features or garden features

Anything is possible with Reliant Construction’s quality team of patio construction professionals working with you to design your perfect covered outdoor space.  Our patio covers integrate seamlessly into your home, for a beautiful, professionally finished look.

Custom Home Patio Photos