Bathtub to Shower Conversion

These days converting a bathtub to a shower is becoming more popular.  So, you may have found yourself wondering what are the benefits, cons, and some things to think about.  Every bathroom and what you are looking to get of out it are different, so you are going to need to access many things to make the proper decision.


Benefits, why you should convert your bathtub to a walk-in shower:

Saving physical space

In converting your bathtub to a walk-in shower, you will free up space within your bathroom for other things you may want to install or just simply feel less claustrophobic.  

Simpler to clean

With a walk-in shower, it’s easier to clean since most of the soap and water rinse down the drain leaving you not to have to concern yourself with build up.

Saving water

Showers will inherently cause you to use less water than how much it takes to fill up a bathtub everytime you need to bathe.  Therefore, you will be doing your part in the world by going green when you bathe using a shower.

More accessible.

Walk-in showers are more accessible for those with mobility issues, as you don’t need to climb in, sit down, or pull yourself back out.  Simply step in and step out.

Safer than bathtubs

If you have a full household with pets and children, walk-in showers are the safest since they can’t get trapped or fall into a body of water.

Modern and stylish.

Among all else, walk-in showers are stylish and modern.  They are currently trending for  current home buyers.


Things to possibly be wary about when converting a bathtub to a shower:

It can be a bit expensive.

In some cases, it can be a bit more expensive than simply installing a shower.  The reason for this is because the bathtub will need to be removed, the shower installed, and a plumber will have to work in tandem with the remodeling team to ensure the lines are properly maintained.

Installation Time

In addition to the removal of the bathtub and the shower installation, the tiles or flooring will have to be removed and then re-tiled after the new shower installation.

Bathroom renovation

The flow of the bathroom may need to be overhauled if the balance is thrown off by the removal of the bathtub.  For this, it is good to work with a professional remodeling and renovation contractor to understand how to go about it with an estimation and assessment.


Near Limitless Design Options

If you decide to proceed with the conversion, you can get a bit creative with your design choices.  You can go for a glass door to keep the water in.  This glass can be stained or designed in a way to match the aesthetics of the rest of your bathroom.  In addition, the tiling can be matched to the flooring, whether it’s the same or a complimenting tile set.  They can be modified for those with limited mobility by adding railing or seating.  You can also design the walk-in shower to have a threshold or have zero threshold.  The design choices are nearly limitless. 

Ready to Convert Your Bathtub?

As you may have noticed above, the pros of going through with the conversion heavily outweigh the potential cons.  And while bathtubs are not completely out of style yet, in a few years, they just might be.  With many people opting to go green, the value they bring to homes, and how more efficient they are, it’s no wonder they’ve become a more preferred option in more modern homes.  Reliant Construction are experts in bathtub to shower conversions and bathtub renovations, working throughout the Greater Houston areaCall 281-789-4308 or contact us online to get started with a free estimate.