5 Things to Keep In Mind When Planning a Patio build

Beautiful custom timber truss covered patio and landscaping.

Beautiful custom timber truss covered patio and landscaping.

Building an outdoor patio can create the perfect at home retreat, perfect for family gatherings and entertainment amenities.  However, like most home renovations project, proper planning is an essential process to ensure a successful completion.

1. How do you intend to use the patio?

Is it for outdoor cooking and dining or a place to relax?  Do you plan to entertain family and friends?  Maybe you want to do all of the above.  Whatever you choose, it is important to include all of your potential uses in the scope of your patio’s design.  How you plan to use your patio will influence factors such as maintenance, size, material, and location.

2. Materials

Aside from your budget, the materials you decide to use will be a big factor in the cost, appearance, and maintenance of your patio.  There are many options for patio materials such as brick, concrete, and natural stones.  In addition, there are varying brick patterns to choose from; basket weave, herringbone, stack bond, and more!  Your patio should should feel like a natural extension of your home or landscape, try to pick materials that are complementary.  The materials you choose should blend naturally, whether you build from the house or away from it.

3. Size

The size of your patio will be impacted by the size of your backyard and how you plan to use the space.  If you are going to add an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or host a large crowd; plan a patio size that will accommodate these features.  Additionally, plan for adequate seating, landscaping, and how much of the backyard’s footprint you will take up with the patio’s surfacing.

4. Location

Now that you have decided what the patio will be used for, its size, and the type of material to use.  It’s time to decide where you are going to build the patio.  If you are looking to entertain or dine, then you might want to consider locating the patio closer to your home for quicker access.  With an outdoor kitchen or hot tub, you may want to build away from your home since you will likely not be relying on the home as much.  If you want to lounge or sunbathe, decide if the location you are wanting to build is shady or has sun exposure.

5. Is the Location Viable?

The second thing to take in consideration when deciding a location is if it will be economically feasible.  It is always a good idea to monitor the location beforehand for maintenance concerns such as falling leaves, water, and how the sun falls on it.  Ensure the location is level to help reduce the patio build cost.  Avoiding a low spot will also help to aid in preventing standing water. Excessive moisture beneath your patio could contribute to unwanted weed growth and mildew, potentially requiring repair in the future.

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