Top 6 Renovation & Remodeling Trends for 2022

With 2022 returning to a more sense of normalcy for most people, many homeowners and families are seeking to make their homes work for them instead of the other way around.  From adding new features to their backyards to creating relaxing spaces, homeowners are reimagining spaces within their home to be more efficient.

Spacious Bathroom In House

Spa Bathroom

Whether you’ve found yourself spending more time at home or you just need a place in your home to decompress and contemplate, a spa bathroom with a large bathtub, lowlighting, and calming colors is a hot trend right now.  Spa bathrooms create a serene, relaxing environment where you can unwind and release stress after a long day.  Some elements that homeowners and designers are implementing into spa bathrooms are bits of nature to complete the calming aesthetic such as more windows and hints of green painted accents.

Maintenance Free Siding

As everyone finds themselves being busier and busier these days, dedicating time to all the maintenance a home needs may be left to the wayside.  Maintenance-free siding is something that a lot of homeowners are beginning to be attracted to.  Maintenance-free siding is fiber-cement siding that is a combination of cement, sand, and  cellulosic fibers that looks like wood but won’t rot, combust, or succumb to termites and other wood-boring insects.


Outdoor Kitchens & More!

Instead of the simple, standard patio barbecue grill, homeowners in 2022 are fully investing in their backyard entertainment areas by adding fire pits, smokers, roasting spits, and deep fryers.  In some renovations or new homes, you can find full-sized kitchen appliances such as counters, refrigerators, sinks, stoves, ovens, and storage space.

More Natural Light

Nothing makes a home feel more welcoming and calming than natural light, and the optimal way to improve the natural lighting in your home is by incorporating large window banks.  Whether it’s the addition of multiple windows throughout your home or installing floor-to-ceiling windows, large windows will completely transform a space and cut down on utility costs.  So, you’ll be decreasing your carbon footprint and saving money simultaneously.


Outlets for Every Device

One of the must-have, non-negotiable additions for many home remodelers and new homeowners is adding more electrical outlets, specifically outlets with USB ports.  

Wellbeing First

In 2022, homeowners are increasing their care and thoughts about how their home can fit into the realm of their wellbeing and environment.  Such remodels include elements such as air purification systems, full-spectrum lighting, and chemical free water filtration systems.

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