Signs that your roof may be in need of a repair or replacement

New roofs are one of the most expensive types of work you can have done on your home. So if you think you may need a new roof, you want to be sure before you proceed in that direction. Most people consider a leaking ceiling as the primary indicator of a need for a new roof. However, there are several other things you can check for that can indicate a need for a new roof. It is best to be proactive in all of these matters, since your roof is such an important and expensive part of your home.

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends that you inspect your roof at least twice per year – once in the spring and once in the fall.

Start off in the attic with a flashlight, and look up for these four things:

  1. Evidence of leaks and/or water damage or leaking

  2. Any places where your roof deck is sagging

  3. Sunlight or other light actually shining through your roof

  4. Any dark spots and trails

The age of your roof and previous repair work

Roofing experts generally agree that a roof will last 20 to 25 years. This lifespan, however, does depend on a few factors such as:

  • Has the current roof been replaced or repaired previously, and if so, was a new layer of shingles placed on top of the previously layer?

  • Is the current roof ventilated properly?

By these criteria, if your current roof is over 20 years old or if the current layer of shingles was placed over an older layer, it is likely that you will need a new roof.

Check your roof’s valleys

Take a close look at the shingles in the valleys of your roof. Are they breaking apart or even gone altogether? This is a problem because the valleys are the most important parts of your roof. It is where rain gathers and flows into your gutters. A compromised valley is one of the leading causes of leaks in your roof and ceiling.

Are your current shingles bucking or curling?

If you see that your shingles are curling or buckled, that may indicate a need to replace your roof. Another thing to look for concerns the sides of your roof that are facing the most direct sunlight. If you see them curled or losing some of the granules, that indication the shingles themselves have exceeded their life expectancy. Additionally, it could indicate a roof in need of repair or replacement.

Are any shingles missing on any parts of your roof?

While the missing shingles in your roof’s valley are one of the most common causes of leaks, missing shingles on any parts of your roof should be of concern to you, especially if the “tabs” are not all intact. If you see any missing shingles on any parts of your roof, contact the roofing experts at Reliant Construction to get a professional examination and to determine if you need a new roof or not.

Are your shingles losing their granules?

As roofs approach the end of their lifespan, they tend to begin losing more granules than normal. So check your gutters. If you see a lot of shingle granules in there, that is in indication that you may need to begin considering new shingles.

Check for moisture where it shouldn’t be

Your roof’s shingles should keep moisture from dripping into your attic, so go into your attic and inspect for moisture. You should also look for any signs of rot or mold on your roof.  Any faulty shingle can allow water to travel down to the lowest point before it starts dripping, and mold, fungi and bacteria can grow within 24 to 48 hours of a leaking problem. If you find moisture in one place, it’s likely in other places, and this can be a good indication of a problem with your roof.

Is sunlight shining through roof boards?

Go into your attic in the daytime and look up. If you see any sunlight coming through, you know its time to at least replace some shingles.

Improper ventilation

Make sure that all kitchen, bathroom and dryer vents extend completely outside of your home, and not just into the attic. If your venting does not completely leave your home, you could be incurring moisture damage.

How is your chimney constructed?

If you have a chimney, you should be check its flashing. If it consists of tar or roof cement, you may want to consider having it replaced with a metal flashing system, as these are water-tight and are a longer term solution for your chimney flashing.

Replace or repair?

Not every roof problem requires a whole new roof. In many instances a repair will suffice.  To be sure which you need, contact the roofing experts at Reliant Construction to get a professional examination and to determine if you need a roof replacement or just a repair.

 In either case, it’s best to  take preventative measures to maintain the integrity of your roof. So as recommended by the NRCA, inspect your roof twice a year, and if you see anything troubling, it’s best to attend to it immediately, whether you do it yourself or you hire a contractor.

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