5 Essential Pergola Feature Additions

Just installed a new pergola for your home’s backyard and looking for more features to put the finishing touch on it?  We’ve gathered the top five aesthetically pleasing and useful features you should add to your new pergola.

Pergola Curtains


When wintertime rolls around, many homeowners opt to leave their pergolas until spring comes around again.  While this is understandable, we think pergolas should be enjoyed year-round.  A great addition to enjoy your pergola in the fall and winter are curtains to trap warmth in and provide some wind resistance.  In addition, pergola curtains add an extra layer of aesthetic and uniqueness to seamlessly blend within your home’s outdoor space.  Curtains can also be utilized in the summer to block out unwanted sun or create shade when the heat is too much.  

Outdoor Lighting


For some of the best designs, relaxing environment, and increased curb appeal to a home, outdoor lights are a must.  Therefore, why should your pergola be any different?  Depending on the outdoor lighting you choose, it can transform your pergola and outdoor space entirely.  For example, subtle warm string lights through gaps or spiraling the posts are a classic go-to.  Another example of go-to outdoor lighting are Edison bulbs.  These are perfect for creating that dim but subtly warm oasis.  

Electrical & Outlets

Covered Patio Porch

This addition may be one that you may have pondered on or thought about, and while it’s a little more technical than the other additions, it is worth the effort.  Electrical outlets can be used multi-purposely in your pergola.  For the summertime, you can use the outlets for fans or mini fridges.  In the wintertime, they can be used for space heaters or heated blankets.  Furthermore, you can get creative with your newly added electrical by using it for the addition of outdoor lighting, movie projectors, or any other idea you can think of. 

Flowers, Vines, & Plants


Bring some beauty and nature to your pergola by adding some plant life.  Simple plant and flower pots are one way to add some serenity and natural beauty.  However, if you want to take it to the next level, the additions of vines and foliage will really give your pergola some life.  While this may require a little more maintenance than other additions, the beauty it provides is certainly worthwhile.  

Seal the Pergola’s Overhang


In a city like Houston, rainy weather is never too far away.  For such weather, there are several measures you can take to protect and still enjoy your pergola.  If your pergola allows for it, sealing the roof of a pergola is a major tip.  With the sealing of the top boards, it prevents unwanted rainwater from drenching your furniture and other items.  Or, similar to a curtain, you can simply drape a waterproof, repellent material over the pergola to keep it safe from harsh weather.

Build a Pergola of Your Own

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